With the need to maintain the genre of tango alive and not leave it in time. With the conviction that evolution and fusion of this genre is what will maintain its validation in the present. This is why Marcos Ayala created his company in 2012.

His company has as a premise to reach diverse generations, showing anything from a conservative style to a modern style, creating a vanguard way of showing the dance of tango.

His spectacles have traveled the world and won international prizes. They are characterized for their great charge of sensuality and esthetic. His works are full of emotional and visual content that make the spectators live magical and unrepeatable moments making each one of them a work of art.

With a display of wardrobe carefully selected and designed by the best fashionistas of Buenos Aires, illumination created exclusively for each one of his spectacles and a panel of 20 artists on scene possessing overwhelming energy, without a doubt Marcos Ayala’s company marks a before and after in the history of tango, being one of the most versatile companies, able to show the tango of yesterday and daring to revolutionize the tango of today.